Does Seeing The Dead Island Trailer In Reverse Make It Any Less Traumatic?

Actually, this recut by IGN probably makes the story even worse. At least in the original, we know the little girl dies, and the focus then becomes the struggle. Here, the payoff of that struggle is a child's death.

Is this too depressing? Check out G4TV's reverse chronology set to zany saxophone and slapstick sound effects. That oughta cheer you right the hell up.


    Watched both versions today - original cut first. What I did get from the trailer is that there is no way the game will live up to that level of quality - wonderfully cut and very engaging, a great work of art regardless of the content.

    Honestly this trailer sucked in the original form

    I'm more scared that the depiction of a little girl's death will get this game banned in Australia. Otherwise I thought the original version was more engaging. Does anyone know the name of the song by the way?

    Reversing the trailer is like starting a joke with the punchline.

    I actually thought it worked better in the origional.

    Also... it's all around melee combat, isn't that what got L4D2 banned in Aus, which is why half of us have imported copies?

      Actually what got it banned was the severed limbs and the riot cop zombies. They decided it was a bad idea to allow Australian to be able to shot, and dismember people of authority, whether they're zombies or not.

      In left 4 dead 2 you were killing "infected humans" not "zombies" this was one of the big reasons why it got banned. Instead of beating on corpses you went around killing sick people.

    That made it even more devestating!

    There's been quite a few people out there editing the trailer into the correct order. I can't bring myself to watch any of these linear sequence versions though. The original version was depressing enough for me.

    This video extremely disturbed me. As someone who has a young child, and is a gamer who is used to seeing some pretty gruesome images, I wasn't prepared for where this trailer went. I don't know that this was an area that we needed to go to in games. I can only hope that the story of the game deals with this topic properly and not as some kind of gaming footnote; i.e. so we can say at last we have a game that has kid zombies. I think if you're going to tackle this kind of material in a trailer, the game better be about the kinds of decisions you have to make in this horrific world. If it's not, if it's just another survival horror game, where you beat zombies to a pulp for as long as you can last, then this trailer is a horrible, exploitative moment.It was meant to make me feel something and it did, but the end result is that now I won't be playing this game. I'm all for games being released uncensored and having an R rating in Australia but as a game developer you have to take responsibility for this kind of thematic content, you can't just use it lightly to sell your game. I been reading comments on multiple gaming websites and most comments are about how excellent the graphics look, and how interesting the game mechanics are and how eager everyone is to get into this world. Any naysayers are flamed and treated poorly. Fine, as gamers it's your prerogative what you choose to play, but at least let us have an open debate about what we want to play and discuss the reasons why or why not.

      Buddy, I have a daughter as well. This trailer engages me for that reason. I can feel what the father would have been going through. If you are afraid of games moving into a legitimate form of art and depicting what movies are not afraid of then please go back to playing sonic. You don't have to like it, you don't have to play it but accept that adults will make dramatic and confronting games from now on. I found myself drawn into heavy rain just as I would be drawn into changeling or a similar genre movie. Game is a word that maybe needs to be changed so that people can accept all genres and story lines.

    I may be stupid (so you don't have to say it) but I didn't realise what was happening in the original, I was wondering why the guy was just spinning his girl infront of zombies.

    So yeah this makes more sense for me lol.

    The whole scene-reverse scene was one of the best things about the trailer. The dead girl immediately tugs the heart strings , but then seeing it happen in reverse, then seeing how she became one of them at pretty much the same time is just heart breaking.

    The reversal trailers seem to shit on that. More of a HERPY DERR I CANT UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON AND MUST SEE IT IN "PROPER ORDER"

    the original was awesome the linear is just boring not to mention that because of the constant camera jumps from where it swapped it just looks wierd

    and the one thing i think the linear mucked up is it ran the girl out the window at normal speed instead of the slow mo

    linear just makes it feel like any other zombie movie

    I'm not really sure how this would be traumatic in any case to anyway. Other than the trauma of, say, getting engaged in combat by the living dead. That can leave a lasting effect on someone, sure. As far as "Depressing" goes, I don't really see a reason for people to shed tears or anything.

    If anything, I'd clap due to the developers doing away with the whole "children are never anywhere zombie outbreaks are, regardless of if it's an abandoned warehouse or the entire East Coast." Which, of course is shunned because developers and parents are like, "Oh no, I have a kid so this should automatically incite deep sorry or rage in me!"

    Kids are regular people too, and it's only a huge problem until they turn 14 or so, or look remotely teen-aged. Then kill as many as you want because they're not baby faced anymore.

    Regardless, the trailer was most likely just to get people engaged in the storyline of the game, as I highly doubt there's going to be mass kid murder or anything people make huge deals about for whatever reason.

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