New Dead Island's First Trailer Not As Amazing As The First Dead Island's Trailer

The CGI trailer for Dead Island: Riptide does seem kind of similar to that emotionally riveting one for the first Dead Island game.

Slow, soft (though not as good) music. A focus on loving characters in a bad spot. Pretty, warm colours. A sad ending. It just doesn't go in reverse. And it certainly didn't capture me quite like the first game's trailer, which you can reminisce about below:

So what do you guys think? Does it live up to the hype-filled trailer of last year?

Dead Island Riptide CGI-Trailer [North America] [YouTube via The Verge]


    Yet to watch it (work filters yo!) but I'm surprised Techland would want to do a trailer like the first I guess the initial publicity was worth the backlash it would get later.

    PS I loved Dead Island I also loved the CG 'trailer' for it but the two are barely connected to the point of it being bait and switch.

      *high five*

      Pretty much, plus we know what type of game it is now, so they can't really 'hide' anything anymore.

    Their trailer may have been good but that was literally where it ended that game SUCKED.. I never knew it was possible to make a bad zombie game until I bought this on the steam sale and it sucked harder then I could have ever imagined... It's trailers always look like fun. But upon playing I disliked just about every decision they made gameplay wise. the controls are incredibly clunky I dont know if thats just on PC or console but it feels like ur walking around in a Juggernaut suit thats made of candy or something....

      I disagree with every single thing you've just said.

        And thats fine.. It was the worst zombies game I have personally ever played. The fact you had to pick up every piece of trash on the ground just to kill like 2 zombies and have you're weapon break was just annoying. I found myself too busy managing a mass of trash and spinning my camera angles so i could actually see around me more then just slashin' through zombies..

          The game was entire first person, not sure what you mean by spining camera angles to see around you un less panning your view around.

          They possibly went this way beacause after the debacle after the first trailer for the first one didnt resemble the game at all. Overlal i enjoyed it, played it a few times with friends with 2-3 playthroughs, will be picking up this one when its released also.

    I wouldn't expect it to be as good.

    Dead Island 2 or whatever they name their official sequal... could be Dead *insert location*... I will definitely be expecting something as awesome.

    Maybe they should stick to releasing trailers, because the game was so, so disappointing. Still raw, haha.

    The trailer wasn't too bad but it really didn't bring anything 'new' to the table about Riptide. What is it? What's it about etc... the first was interesting anda great trailer, this was...a subpar effort compared to the first.

    More disappointing though is the fact we're now getting the American DEAD ISLAND logo than the Australian one apparently, going by the bit at the end, zombie standing in front of the tree rather than someone hung from its branches...

      It's the North American trailer, hence the logo.

        Hoping thats the reason, would be a shame if it's the standard logo now...

    I really loved the first game. I hear some people had bad experiences with it but that seemed to be PC issues or playing the game solo (the game was really built to be co-op). I did not like the DLC or many of the updates they did though, like the 'now kicking cost stamina'.

    This new trailer I found boring and pointless. The first one showed some of the mood in the game and made you feel excited. This new one just makes me feel bored. It's two people, a boat, two people, gas, zombies, then death. Kind of dull.

    I'll be playing this, and if I enjoy it half as much as the first I'll be a happy customer.

    I think its a bit of a worry that the gaming community thought the original trailer was so amazing - says more about what the average game than about dead island.

    Zombies give me bad dreams. om nomnomnomnomnom

    As long as they optimise it. SO many bugs in DI1... the worst I found was the 'My gun keeps recoiling even when I'm not firing' bug.

    Stuff Dead Island - when will Capcom announce Dead Rising 3?!

    Stuff Dead Island - when will TechLand announce Two Worlds 3?!

      *that's TopWare/RealityPump sorry... TechLands other main series is Call of Juarez...

    Techland is also one to watch - their Chrome Engine 4 is catching up quick!

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