Live-Action Remake Of Dead Island's Haunting First Trailer Is Better Than The Original

It's hard to forget that trailer for Dead Island. While it ultimately proved to have little to do with what the game was about, its surprising emotional impact remained intact. Now, almost three years on, Machinima has put together a live-action version that, I dear say, tops the original.

It's basically a direct copy of Dead Island's announcement trailer, with a few altered details here and there. For one, the opening scene of the remake is much less gloomy than Techland's version and features a few less zombies.

Otherwise, it's a faithful reproduction and if you showed it to someone who had no idea it was a game, they'd probably ask you when this awesome TV show that blends Lost with The Walking Dead is supposed to come out. It's up to you whether you have the heart to tell them "never".

Here's the original trailer for comparison:

Dead Island Backwards Trailer — Live Action [YouTube]


    Im sorry but i cant say this is better than the original. I think they did a great job, and did a few things better, but they glossed over some key moments that hit me the most. Most notably the last shot in the hallway. In the original it really hangs on the father letting go of his daughter as their hands separate, and thats the moment out of all of it that sits with me the most. And in this it fades to black much quicker following the father as he rises, and that completely misses all that impact the end of the original scene had. The actors don't emote much either, i think their CG counterparts have more dramatic expression at times. That said i do really like it, i think having less gore benefits it, and the mothers reaction hits harder here as well. not including the ending shots of them waving is a good decision as well. Though i liked in the original too.

    This just makes me feel sad about the incredible potential the original game had.

      T'was a great game. That said, I didn't really expect the game to feel anything like a rendered teaser.

      Granted the original was NOTHING lie that trailer portrayed it to be, i had a massive amount of co-op fun with it.
      It had its issues, but i sunk 30-40 hours into it.

    As i commented on Giz, now make a full length movie.

    Pretty damn good, though they should'nt have ended with CGI from the game, though I get it was to contrast, it kind've took away from it. Otherwise 10/10 for the product, absolutely amazing. Very confronting to see a live action child pulled apart by zombies too. TWD we've only seen them shot (both times by Rick :O ) but that was pretty full on.

    I remember crying when I saw the 1st one. 2nd time around and nada. Guess I've just seen too much walking dead now to get that affected anymore.

    Wow, that is very, very good. I was not expecting anything near that level of quality. Hats off to them.

    Sorry, but absolutely no need to mess with something as good as the original CGI version. They also missed key, subtle aspects (as mentioned above) that made the original so good. An example of one that resonated with me was when the little girl was on the fathers back just before getting thrown out the window. In the CGI trailer, the grimace on the fathers face could actually be taken for a smile or laughter. The scene was morbidly mimicking a father and daughter playing. That is completely lost here. I also thought the holiday video footage of them in the resort at the end was a nice touch, also missing here.

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