German Pols Have A LAN Party In The Reichstag

German Pols Have A LAN Party In The Reichstag

Germany’s government has a rather sensitive relationship with video games. Reports of official censorship often involve the country, either for violent content or the fact that Nazis are useful game antagonists – and you know how they feel about that. Sensational crimes with ties to “Killerspiele,” have stirred calls for outright bans of violent games.

Seeking a d├ętente of sorts, three game-positive members of Germany’s parliament hosted a LAN party in the Reichstag. The games played included Counter Strike, a game linked to the 2009 shooting spree that killed 15 and roiled opposition against games. The pols also played racing games and motion-controlled tennis.

The MPs reasoned that the party could spread goodwill and an understanding of games, which are a part of daily life for younger Germans even if, for those who came of age before games, “the door is now unfortunately closed,” to them picking them up as a leisure pursuit.

Politicians celebrate LAN party in the Reichstag [N24; image via Wikipedia. Thanks dnadns]

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