Japanese Homefront Might Make A Villain Out Of Canada

Japanese Homefront Might Make A Villain Out Of Canada

In THQ’s Homefront the United States of 2027 faces an invasion by North Korea. For the Japanese release North Korea has been replaced with “A Certain Country to the North.” Damn you, Canada!

In order to comply with Japanese rating board CERO’s guidelines regarding the portrayal of existing people and countries, Homefront’s Japanese publisher Spike has to make a few changes to the game. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has been removed from the game’s opening movie, referred to in the game simply as the “Northern Leader” of “A Certain Country to the North”.

While these changes are understandable, they do leave certain aspects of the game open to interpretation, including the identity of this invading force. If the country being invaded is the United States, and the invaders hair from “A Certain Country to the North,” can there really be any doubt as to which country that is?

We trusted you, Canada.

Kim Jong-il Cut From Japanese Homefront Intro [Andriasang]


  • So does this mean games like the new Ace Combat have to be censored? How consistent is CERO? Was Call of Duty censored? Some background info would be nice since a lot of games use real world locations.

    • i think its has more to do with the actual story. Kim jong il’s son unites both koreas, then within 20 years has taken control of ALL of asia including china and japan. This would be a rather big sticking point in japan seeing as how japan, korea and china are basically mortal enemies thanks to a long line of invasion attempts

  • Gotta love Japanese standards. It’s perfectly legal to sell almost-pornographic videos of girls under the age of 10 in bikinis (no, really) but OH GOD WE CAN’T NEGATIVELY PORTRAY ANOTHER COUNTRY.

    • Strange then, that those Jap perverts have the lowest rate of sexual assault in the first world… while us Westerners, frowning fingerwagging preaching and tsking all over the place, seem to have an increasing problem.

      Still, its better than claiming the right to bear arms I guess.

      • The rape statistics here in Japan are massively under-reported due to cultural and legal issues. It is not the lowest in the first world at all.

      • You preclude the the highly likely probability that Japan also has one of the lowest rates of REPORTING of sexual crime in the world. Particularly so given anecdotally at least japanese police tend to view sexual assault as the fault of the women.

  • Thats hilarious. That story in the trailer is what hooked me onto this game since the start. I can understand why they might have done this for the Japanese version, but goddamn its stupid and ruins the powerful story they’ve created.

  • I don’t get why in all the screenshots and gameplay footage the north korean’s are using M4 Carbines…..which are American as apple pie.

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