Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Has ‘Lag’ Training

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Has ‘Lag’ Training

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Has ‘Lag’ TrainingAsk most producers about lag in online play, regardless of genre, and most will give the regular stock answers – we’ve optimised the online experience… smooth as possible… etc, etc. But living in Australia, online performance is a real concern.

Which is why we salute Capcom, who have just added a ‘lag/latency’ simulator into their training mode in Marvel vs Capcom, to help players adjust to potentially dodgy online conditions.

We think this is an extremely pragmatic idea – especially for Australians who take their online play seriously. Finding a lag free game of Street Fighter 4 was difficult, despite the solid optimisation, so we salute Capcom for having the foresight and the humility to add this feature to Marvel vs Capcom 3.

You can see the feature in action at around one and a half minutes in the video below.

MvC3’s training mode has internet lag simulation option [Eventhubs]

Thanks to Jon Berlinghoff for the heads up


  • MvC3 won’t be region-locked for online play, will it? Like if you import an NTSC-U – would that have you locked into North American matchmaking? Also “an NTSC-U” sounds right but looks wrong, I fear I may have commited some egriegous crime against grammar!

  • I never had one Lag free game of SF4. Only played for a month though.

    Didn’t take long to learn to
    “Aim where he’s going to be, not where he is”.

  • So, rather than giving us a Local only search setting, the only thing Australians actually need, we’re given an option to “practise” on needing to attack seconds before we want to?

    • They toy with us.
      Everytime I encounter a game that doesn’t let me add a good-connection-only or locale-only parameter for matchmaking, I weep bitterly.

  • I’ve rarely had matches in SSF4 that had terrible lag as long as I used an AU PSN account. I did notice though that once I switched to using a US PSN, the lag would become intolerable. (Also, I used a wired connection which might have been a factor)

    Perhaps capcom fighting games determine the lobby region you get based on your PSN account’s region?

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