One Of The PC's Toughest Games Just Got A Lot Simpler

Dwarf Fortress is one of the most complex and rewarding games on the PC. Problem is, it's also ugly as sin and nigh on inaccessible to most gamers. This new game seeks to change this.

It's called Survivors of Ragnarok, and it exists solely to take the core experience of Dwarf Fortress and transplant it into something less hostile to the average gamer. The dwarves are still there, the building is still there, and the management is still there, but only now instead of ASCII art all over the place, there's an adorable little 2D pixel world.

Those keen to take a look - and remember, DF is the game that was "doing" many elements of Minecraft before Minecraft was doing them - there's a very rough alpha build available here.

Alpha Preview - Indie DB

Dwarf Fortress-Inspired Survivors of Ragnarok Alpha Build [IndieGames]


    This actually looks like someone thought "Minecraft is too easy. Dwarf Fortress is too hard. I shall make something that's exactly halfway between the two." And actually, that's just crazy enough to work. Could be worth checking out.

    I hope this gets made, it'll be awesome. I wonder how they're going to transfer over the epic monsters (or whatever they're called) that are randomly generated. Without text it's going to be alot harder to have all the different features they have.

    I love Dwarf Fortress. Have been playing for ages and am still learning new things about the game which surprise me but one of the biggest things I like about it is the fact that while you're looking down on a 2d plane - the way the levels operate make it a 3d world. This sandbox environment is what I believe, in turn gave the same charm to Minecraft - you can build whatever you want in the world that you've created to suit your own tastes.

    Am I wrong in seeing this game to be a simpler 2D platform environment of Dwarf Fortress? I guess until I hear more I won't be sold.

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