Spoil Catherine And Get Your Ass Banned

Role-playing game Catherine features sheep, nightmares and generally looks bizarre. That might be why the game's maker is asking players not to spoil the game's story.

The game's official Twitter "respectfully" asked players to use "self control" and refrain from posting in-game footage or doing livestreams that could spoil the end of the game. Continuing, the Twitter stated that there was a "strict ban" on video footage before the game's February 17 release. A similar warning popped up on the game's official site.

Those wondering what a "strict ban" means might want to check Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga, where Catherine videos are being deleted and those posting them are reportedly having their accounts banned. Strict, indeed!

ニコ厨、禁止されてる『キャサリン』実況配信を強行→BAN [オレ的ゲーム情報][Pic]


    Got my 'Famitsu DX Limited Edition' coming. I'm looking forward to playing despite the language barrier.

    Any wurd on a trnslation?????????????

      Of the game, or your post?

    The article image definitely didn't have the girl holding a pizza in the version I first saw.

    I really want this to be translated just to check it out.

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