StarCraft ‘MMO’ Returns With A New Name

StarCraft ‘MMO’ Returns With A New Name

The fan-made Starcraft MMO, which was recently forced to change its name in order to avoid being struck with a large hammer, is now back. And its new name is just fine.

The mod, which was previously known as “World Of Starcraft”, is now branded “StarCraft Universe”. Having been flown out to blizzard HQ to meet with the developers, the mod’s creator – Ryan Winzen – is now ready to get started on the serious work involved in turning a real-time strategy game into a massive-multiplayer online role-playing game.

Some of the features being promised for StarCraft Universe – and remember, this is a mod being built in an RTS, not a proper MMO – include the ability to save characters, customisable gear forged from loot, distinct player classes and up to twelve players able to join together on the same map.

Whether this all comes together or not is another matter entirely, but hey, good luck Ryan!

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  • Great outcome! Way to encourage the nodding community, Blizz!

    And way to extent the middle finger to the Activision lawyers!

  • So they changed the name from what everyone wanted blizzard to make as an mmo, to the other name people decided was more apt and the legal team was ok with that.


    You know there’s a whole bunch of “world of …” games and tv shows out there that you can go play in the sand with.

  • I can’t wait for this.

    But it will be hard for just one person to do it i hope he gets help…….also i hope it stays free >:|

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