The World’s Stupidest DRM Takes A Well-Deserved Break

The World’s Stupidest DRM Takes A Well-Deserved Break

For its last few big PC releases, publisher Ubisoft thought it was a good idea to force users to stay connected to the internet at all times. It wasn’t, people got upset, and the company’s next big release won’t do it.

The upcoming PC release of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (which was released on console last year) will only ask that users be connected to the internet once, when first installing the game. After that, the singleplayer portions will be entirely playable in offline mode.

It’s a little sad that in 2011 we have to trumpet a return to normalcy as something to be cheered, but this is the video games industry, and sometimes the video games industry is just messed up.

Brotherhood will see its belated PC release on March 17 (March 18 in Europe). If you’d like to check out its specs, you can see them on the game’s Steam site.

[via VG247]


  • Glad to hear. I picked up the console version of AC2 instead of the PC because of the DRM. Not because I wanted to “stick it to the man”, but simply because until recently, I have been using pre-paid turbo modems for my internet.

  • May be messed up, but it’s good to hear! I’ll wait for their next PC release, if it’s lacking in the stupid DRM, I may be able to stop my Ubisoft boycott!

    (btw, have not bought a single Ubisoft game since hearing about the DRM, only recieved one game as a Steam Gift…)

    Also inb4tiredpiracydiscussion.

  • The always on DRM wouldn’t be so bad if the connection didn’t constantly drop out! I guess it was a victory of sorts for ubisoft. It did make me by a second copy of Splinter Cell Conviction on 360 just to get away from the PC version……

  • I’m still yet to buy Brotherhood. Good on ya Ubisoft for actually listening. I think I’ll hop on Steam and pre-order my copy.

  • I’m somewhat skeptical of the accuracy of this report. Most other gaming sites (including those who’ve received word direct from Ubisoft) are indicating you can play offline after an initial LOG IN, which considering it utilises uPlay sounds more believeable. i.e. you need to be connected to the internet every time you launch the game, but can then disconnect while playing.

  • YESSSSS!!!!!!

    See NOW I will buy the game! To be honest I only purchased Assassin’s Creed 2 on PC only after a non-DRM crack was released so I can play the game without going online.

    Thank you Ubisoft! I will now head down to my local EB store and pre-order a copy 🙂
    p.s. Please have directx10 or 11 support!

  • If this is disinformation, and the fact still remains that I need to ‘check in’ with Ubisoft EVERY time I start the game then for me the boycott is still in effect.

    Kotaku sleuths, I think this issue needs clarification!
    I also won’t buy Brotherhood until I have played AC2 for which, as far as I know, the DRM is still in effect.

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