Three Hours Or 30 Minutes, What's The Right Daily Dose Of Gaming For Kids?

In one frame, a mum who cut her kids off from video games and other electronics for six months. In the right frame, a game designer who says kids benefit from up to three hours of gaming a day.

In the middle: a Fox News host who limits her kids to 30 minutes of gaming a day.

Somehow this debate aired on Fox News today without any yelling. The guests were even respectful of each other.

For the record, the mum on the left is Susan Maushart, author of the book The Winter of our Disconnect. She says her kids were more social, more creative and even slept better. On the right is Jane McGonigal, a designer of alternate reality games and author of Reality is Broken. Here take was that kids playing up to three hours a day learn positive, modern skills for problem-solving and communication.

The host was pushing for 30 minutes of gaming for kids a day, but I think McGonigal pushed back on that effectively. What's the right amount of time?

Watch the debate at Fox's site.

Life Online or Unplugged? Technology's Impact on Kids [Fox News]


    Answer; As many hours as needed to completely avoid fox news.


    In the middle frame: that awful, awful woman.

    When I was growing up, our gaming privileges were limited to the school holidays and rainy weekends. Even then we only got at most 2 hours at a time and then we would have to find some other way to entertain ourselves, i.e.: read a book, do a puzzle, play a board game, go out side and do things or a combination thereof.


    You could tell just by looking at them which was going to be which.

    And the one advocating for games looks better than the other two combined! 21st century Yeehaw!

    Oh, and don't think we missed the play on words in your first paragraph :P wd.

    "more social, more creative and even slept better."

    More social - getting out of the house to play games with their friends

    More creative - devising ways to get around Hitler-mum

    Slept better - she watches them sleeping WTF


    It's interesting that their estimation of the right 'dose' of gaming for kids is inversely proportional to their age.

    Fail. Lets compromise, 1 1/2hrs?

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