River Of Souls Runs Through Rift's First Post-Launch Update

Trion Worlds' fantast MMO Rift has gathered quite an audience since its launch last month, and those loyal fans are now being rewarded with a full-scale invasion from the plane of death. Just their way of saying thanks, now die.

The world of Telara is no stranger to invasions from different planes through extra-dimensional rifts. The River of Souls patch for the PC MMO takes the idea to a whole new level. Alsbeth the Discordant, the most powerful sorceress in the land and right hand of the dragon god Regulos, has gained control of the River of Souls, the energy stream where all life goes when it dies.

This is a very bad thing.

Throughout the month-long event, players will be battling for their lives against hordes of undead creatures, with Alsbeth herself walking the world, causing having and strife with every step she takes. Only the most powerful players will be able to journey to the River of Souls and put her down once and for all.

Check out the full event page for more details on this terrific twist in the tale of Rift.


    I been playing wow since vanilla with a bunch of people.
    Along came cataclysm and blizz developers with attitudes(Blue quote:"Frost mages op? Maybe you should bring more people to kill the frost mage"),that's bad enough.

    Rift gets released and 90% of the guild, about 120 people, quit wow and go to rift, leaving me to think wtf have I done with 4-5years of my life.

    Thank you Rift, you are the 5 dollar hooker that wrecked my happy home.
    Blizzard pay attention, rift is stealing your member base.

    Me? I'm trolling forums and glad I have X360...

      No Way.

      Rift's a classy up-town hooker all the way! ;)

    Rift will have its fad period, then people will swarm back to WoW as it approaches 10 years.
    The WoW 10 year anniversary will be epic!

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