Here's Kinect — Working On A PS3 (And Playing Killzone 3)

This genie of Kinect modification is never going back in the bottle. Now a modder has figured out a way to get the Microsoft device to work with a PlayStation 3.

This is Shantanu Goel, and his code is in a pre-alpha state, but you can see him navigating the Xross Media Bar, starting Killzone 3 and even playing it using a Kinect. Goel says his work needs some fine tuning to allow for better motion tracking, but there's no doubt about it - that's a PS3 and Kinect living together in perfect harmony.

The source code, instructions for installation, compilation and configuration are all at the link, if you're into this sort of thing.

Video of Microsoft Kinect Working with PS3 - Source Code Released [PSGroove, thanks Jeff]


    He is so sued.

    Awesome idea tho

      Huh? Sued for what?

        Tongue in cheek, after the whole business with the PS3 hacking debacle.

        You can bet that this was not done on "un-broken" ps3, in which Sony is totally against.

        Wonder what Microsoft thinks of this?

        For using his PS3. That seems to be all it takes to get you sued by Sony nowadays...

    This will promote Kinect sales... while encourage PS3 jailbreak (which Sony already suing), so it should not prompt new lawsuit.

      This doesn't appear to require jailbreaking. As far as the console is concerned, you're using a regular controller.

        You'll definitely have to jailbreak your PS3 to use this. Looks like his laptop's hooked up to his machine for debugging and whatnot.

    What manner of sorcery is this? Burn the heretic for their neat little idea!

    Oh SNAP.

    This is so cool. I love the Kinect, its opened up a whole new Pandora's Box for modding and bedroom coders. Not to mention the university research labs using them instead of hundred-thousand dollar motion tracking rigs.

    Looking at the linked article, what he has done is hook the Kinnect camera up to his laptop, and is then processing the image data to produce normal PS3 controller button presses.

    He then uses the Bluetooth hardware on the laptop to emulate a dualshock controller to send those button presses to the PS3.

    Sounds like a pretty neat hack.

    Hey why don't you just use Move on your PS3?
    Oh that's right it's shit LOL.

      I thought MAG on PS move was great. Have to try it to appreciate it.

    LOL...this was riveting. I think I would've had more fun pulling up a chair out the back and watching the grass grow. I mean - good on the guy for giving this a go, but it really isn't working for him.

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