How To Ditch Slow Wireless Speeds Go Completely Wired

How To Ditch Slow Wireless Speeds Go Completely Wired

Wi-Fi provides a convenient way to connect the computers in your home without the hassle of wires, but Wi-Fi is also slow and unreliable compared to a wired connection. Here’s how to go wired where it counts. [Lifehacker]


  • I tried going wireless N FTW!!! about three years ago and after spending all that money on the relatively new tech at the time it wasn’t too long before I got myself a decent switch and started running gigabit ethernet all through the house. Cheaper faster cheaper more reliable and cheaper.

  • I have a Dualband RangeMax Wireless N router and it is fine for FPS gaming passing through 3 walls and about 10m – running 2 pcs gaming simultaneously.
    BUT I am all for wired but I am renting atm so N is my best option. I’m building a house atm and we’ve put CAT6 through all the main walls terminating in the study, and I’ll be getting a Netgear gigabit/Wireless N DGND3700 router to power it 😀
    (Only a small network and only a few PCs need wired access – 2 gaming and 2 HTPCs) so a 4port router is more than sufficient.

  • Somebody should post that article every time a member of the Liberal party/a supporter of the Liberal party/a commenter says that wired connections are a waste of time and money.

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