Live-Action Mortal Kombat Looks Scary, Snowy

Last year, a live-action short called Mortal Kombat: Re-Birth took the internet by storm. Now it's going to be a web series, and the first images look most enticing.

Well, as an enticing as a spinal cord and a snowman can look. Both Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan are returning for the web series. It's quite different from the previous live action Mortal Kombat outings.

The first images also show Scorpin in full costume. It is a wide shot, however. "I think the super hardcore fans would be offended with a different shade of yellow for Scorpion," Tancharoen told Kotaku last February, "but I think the majority of fans liked it because it brought their favourite game back in a new light with all the violence that was always expected."

Mortal Kombat: First Photos from Set of Webseries [IGN]


    I have super high expectations for this. Hope it delivers.

    Yeah, I absolutely loved that original one that popped up on Youtube. Plus Jeri Ryan makes me happy in all the right places.

    The original one that came out had some good names attached but trying to add a "realistic touch" to Mortal Kombat is seriously stupid. It's appeal lies in being over-the-top and silly, taking that away by trying to put it in the real world is just spitting in the face of what made Mortal Kombat so popular.

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