Looks Like Grand Theft Auto V Has A Child Molester In It

A casting call currently open for publisher Take-Two is asking for somebody to play the role of James Pedeaston in a new game. James Pedeaston being a character from Grand Theft Auto IV. And a paedophile.

The call, which was first published yesterday, is seeking voice actors to play five characters in what is most likely (considering Take-Two is a game publisher) an upcoming video game. Four of them certainly sound like Grand Theft Auto characters, including Samantha ("A young female obsessed with sex parties") and Anthony (a boy "fighting for the right of young boys to drink alcohol and have sex").

The fifth is labelled as James Pedeaston (pictured), which was the name of one of the radio show hosts from Grand Theft Auto IV. In that game, he was wanted for child molestation in Malaysia, and was under investigation by the FBI. The listing for this project says that he is a "man-boy love activist who just got released from an Indonesian prison".

While this isn't proof it's the same character, if it wasn't, that would be one hell of a coincidence.

The next game in the Grand Theft Auto series is yet to be officially revealed, but the more stuff like this gets out, the closer we'll be getting to that inevitable date.

Actors Wanted »Voice Over- New York, United States [Actors Pages, via Eurogamer]


    character model looks shit... expect GTA:V to be revealed with a teaser at E3... released next April/May

      I don't think its a model from the game, probably a pic from the GTAIV manual or something..

    Please don't get hit with the ban-stick,Please don't get hit with the ban-stick,Please don't get hit with the ban-stick,(clicks his heels 3 times)

    And why the hell isn't GTA:San Andreas available as a download via the live marketplace on the web to Australia!!

    If it's got to do with goddamn censorship im'a scream and catch the next raft to the USA.

      Its got to do with publishers and that magic extra $20USD/AUD they get.

    Wait... wasnt James Pedeaston the "Wild Traveller" host in GTA SA? that shit was funny as.

    The paedo from Family guy... i want him... in the game i mean!!

      "Mmm, you like popsicles?"

    You can tell it'll be the harmless, clumsy and inept "To Catch A Predator"-type paedophile. The kind The Simpsons have been lampooning for years as garden variety pervs... Rather than actual sinister and creepy regular paedophiles.

    yes! gta come eth.

    With or without James Pedeaston Gta V will be awesome. I can't wait to play it!

    Cant wait for the next release

    Ouch that's nasty!I love this game!

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