NBA Jam Won't Update Rosters For Consoles - But Does For iPhone

Earlier this month, EA Sports made it official that anyone expecting updated rosters on NBA Jam was SOL. That's for the console versions. The game's iOS version just got a roster tweak today, in time for the soon-to-begin playoffs.

That means Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups, my go-to-duo on all platforms, aren't balling for the Nuggets but instead are now with the Knicks. Deron Williams moves from Utah to the Nets and Baron Davis has been exiled to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

My only guess is that it's easier to publish a title update with a fresh roster to the iTunes App store than it is to roll a patch to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. That, plus the fact NBA Jam was a bit of a sales disappointment on the consoles, but is a strong performer on iPhones and iPads, is probably why that platform is the one getting post release support.


    Still need to track this down at a cheap price...

      Same! They should've just put it up on the PSN/XBL for $19.95 and it would've sold like hot-cakes!

      JB have it on special for $59 at the moment, or you could buy it online from OS.

        Yeah, still too steep I feel... I'm looking at more $30-40... hopefully soon!

          Yeh I know what you mean. Personally, NBA Jam is one of those games where paying the extra $20 is worth it when you hit that 3-pointer on the buzzer to send it into double overtime with your mates.

          Probably by end of the year it will be under $50, or you can get it OS from the stores other people have mentioned.

 is selling NBA Jam for X360 for $30 delivered as far as I know...

      Me too! I want the game heaps, but it seems like shoulda been cheaper somehow...

      $28 delivered from Zavvi.

        Sold out.

        But luckily, mine shipped yesterday :D. I think I got it for about $17

    Is there an iPad version yet? It's killing me that I can only get a it for my dinky little screen.

      Aren't iPhone/iPad versions the same?

      I have it on the iPhone and it is freaking awesome, it looks fantastic and plays well. Worth the 6 bucks.

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