One More Delay For Duke Nukem Forever Isn't Really A Trick, Swear

When they heard the news Duke Nukem Forever would be delayed until June, many folks thought what I did, frankly: Maybe Gearbox and 2K Games planned all along for a June release, but gave it a May date so the game, 14 years in development, would get one last round of "Duke is Delayed" buzz with attendant teeth-gnashing. Not so, says Gearbox's boss.

"We believed May when we announced it," Randy Pitchford said to Eurogamer. "There is always uncertainty and we use experience and trends to help us be predictive. We are not perfect when it comes to predicting uncertain outcomes, but we are perfect at being committed to our goals and working relentlessly towards them."

After this kind of wait, there's no escaping the fact that something about Duke's release will feel anticlimactic. Gearbox doesn't want it to be the game itself. Pitchford said the delay is necessary to apply one more coat of polish to this game, which by now should be about as polished as the surface of a bowling lane.

Gearbox boss explains Duke Nukem delay [Eurogamer]


    still bet there will be a day 1 patch on the day of release for it :þ

    Whats one more month then... At least we get the game before America... Its funny seeing all the yanks rage about it.

      Not if it gets banned!

      I see no reason why MK gets banned and this wouldnt.

        No stress - Duke already passed classification before we even knew MK didn't.


      I think this is the best part of the game so far. Call me a butt if you will, but I hope they "get" how we feel a bit more as a result, and it'll improve things a little in the future.

      Yeah well they had to do something after certain countries cried like a bitch about it's other release date.

      And besides that, shipping =/= arriving. You could be waiting even longer. Besides, games available digital, so basically all you can get before anyone is a box.

      Wrong, international release is a mistake.

      gearbox community manager chrisf says game will be out everywhere june 14th.

        ChrisF is talking about the North American release date... Saying both America and Canada both get it on the 14th June.

        International release date including Australia is June 10th.

    "Not so, says Gearbox’s boss."

    Would he admit it if it was? Of course not, silly.

    Timing it until after the SCAG meeting to decide if Australia gets an R18+ perhaps?

      No need. DNF has already been rated in Australia.

      Why would they delay the release of a massive title worldwide for a meeting in one of their smallest target markets that may or may not discuss a potential issue that isn't relevant because Duke Nukem Forever has already passed through classification here?

      Do you honestly believe Australia is that important of a market to Gearbox that they would delay the release of a game for us?

      Regardless, the game has already passed classification here. It's been given MA15+.

    This game should be the shiniest,most poilished,stunning game ever made.
    The announced it in 1995....
    15 years in dev?
    lol,it should be an operating system.
    DNF OS anyone?

      I would buy that OS. Imagine the Symbol, maybe 2 Balls on start-up? And the screen savers and wallpaper would be epic. Go-on code the fucker and I wll be the beta tester. Game will rock though, dont worry about another month, ITS DUKE.

    TBH, I'm a bit more worried that the game DID make it through the classification board unscathed. Makes me worried that there really isn't that much to DNF

    You cant polish a turd and I'm afriad this is going to be a rather shiny shit..

    Adam Smolkowicz

    Can't wait for this game to be released

    Adam smolkowicz

    Planned or not, I'm still a bit irked after pre-ordering a copy of the special edition. It was going to be out for my birthday, but I guess I'll have to find something else to celebrate with.

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