One Way Duke Nukem Forever Was Similar To Half-Life

It's something more than one person noticed while playing Gearbox's critical lemon Duke Nukem Forever — the game does have a few things in common with Valve's much-heralded masterpiece Half-Life. No really!

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford agrees, but says that the similarities only go so far. After all, Duke Nukem Forever is closer to base fare like The Hangover than it is to highbrow art like Citizen Kane. He talks about all that and much more in a lengthy and enjoyable interview over at Eurogamer.

But it is very base content. It's difficult for some people. When Duke's girlfriends get kidnapped and they're impregnated by the alien, and they're about to die, and they say, 'Duke, save us!' And he says, 'Well, looks like you're f***ed!', making a joke about the fact they were impregnated. It's very hard for a lot of people to laugh at that and just take it as a silly commentary. Like, it's a stupid video game and it's making fun of itself for being that.

It's one thing to be critical of a game's base content, but I dunno, I was mostly critical of the fact that DNF didn't feel good or play well. But that's just me!

Duke Nukem Forever: A Discussion with Randy Pitchford [Eurogamer]


    It wasn't making fun of itself, it was just an inappropriate and unnerving joke. Kinda hard to defend that.

    No topic should be exempt from humour because everything does have a funny side. Humour is, after all, totally subjective.

    I really enjoyed DN:F, the crass jokes and situations were excellent. I definitely hope any further Nukem games stay true to the character

      Just because something was funny in the 90's doesn't mean it's appropriate to be funny now. It's like racist and gay jokes, just because they were socially acceptable back then doesnt mean they're even remotely appropriately or funny now.

        A little narrow-minded there, aren't we, Jake?

        It's all about personal taste. You can enjoy any type of humour without being racist/sexist/homophobic or whatever. There aren't many comedians out there who havn't ever done anything along those lines, anyway. It's just about knowing where the line is.

        You don't get to look down on people just because they find something humorous that you don't.

          Well, he can look at people however he likes. But he'll still be wrong.

        I love racist and gay jokes. You just sound like someone who thinks the way they've been told to think. Part of what makes jokes funny is being inappropriate.

        Like I said, humour is subjective, personally I love "inappropriate" (somethings appropriateness is also subjective, for the most part) jokes and there isn't a thing you or anyone else can do to change that.

        All you've shown is how narrow minded and unaccepting of opinions that differ to yours you are.

        Well done.

        Oh REALLY?!
        The world isnt a politically correct bedtime story.

        People can laugh at anything they want.
        Deal with this irrefutable fact.

    Actually enjoyed DNF. Felt oldschool and didnt have the cordial induced ZOMG XPLOSNZ N PWNING NOOBZ of everything nowadays.

    Bit pissed that you were limited to two guns tho.

    Way too many games are like Half-Life. Great game, but too influential.

    Not every game has to have a vehicle bit, a bit with ai controlled companions, a bit where you're stuck in one place or on a moving platform while enemies spawn in, a bit you encounter opposing forces fighting each other. It's a crap type of "variety in gameplay" when everyone is ticking off the same checklist.

    Half Life was incredibly derivative of Duke Nukem 3D.

    DNF was great. If you didn't like DN3D, chances are you didn't like DNF. Citizen Kane is over-rated anyway. And pretentious. At least Duke doesn't try to be any of that.

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