Record Holder Says 'I'm Playing Donkey Kong So I Can Get Laid'

Hank Chien, the plastic surgeon who is the two-time (and current) world high score champion in Donkey Kong, is the subject of a documentary getting its second screening tomorrow.

In "Doctor Kong", Chien, who took the high score in Donkey Kong about a year ago, then won it back from "The King of Kong" villain Billy Mitchell in January, is followed around for the year after his record-setting feat. He says when he contacted Twin Galaxies to certify his first record and told them he was a plastic surgeon, the referee asked him "Shouldn't you be out getting laid?" A fair question. Chien implies he's seeking fame, and therefore starfuckers, through his Donkey Kong play. But he may be joking, who knows.

"Doctor Kong" is being screened tonight at Richie Knucklez in Flemington, New Jersey. Its trailer is above.

Doctor Kong: The Movie [Site]


    Funny mofo, should be good film.

    really not funny... while i thought the first doco was interesting i dont want a doco based around every chump who gets a record on donkey kong.

    Oh man - coming from a guy who has a King of Kong poster on his wall, this is not the right way to go.

    'Characters' like Steve and Billy don't come around too often - you can't force it.

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