Sony Nixes PlayStation Rewards Program, Scraps April Launch

Sony's plans to reward its most devoted video game-loving customers with the PlayStation Rewards program appear to have changed. According to an email sent to participants in the PlayStation Rewards beta, the customer loyalty program won't launch next month as planned.

And based on the wording in that email, it may not launch ever. PlayStation Rewards beta members were informed that "the program is not ready to roll out to the public in April as originally planned."

"But rest assured, we will continue to thank loyal and devoted customers like you with innovative offerings," the official email reads.

PlayStation Rewards was announced in 2010 as a loyalty program that would reward PlayStation 3 owners for various activities, from playing PlayStation Network games to participating in PlayStation Home events. Rewards members could participate in quests involving rating games, downloading videos and reading emails.

Prizes for the planned PlayStation Rewards program ranged from themes and avatars to all-expenses-paid trips.

Contacted for comments, Sony Computer Entertainment America reps reiterated the message of the email sent to beta participants:

After careful consideration and evaluation following the PlayStation Rewards beta, we have decided not to roll out the program to the public at this time. We remain committed to providing the best overall consumer experience for our users, and we will be refocusing our efforts in the near future to further developing PlayStation Plus and our other network services. We will continue to find innovative ways to thank our loyal and devoted customers.

Here is the email sent to PlayStation Rewards beta members:

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the PlayStation®Rewards Beta, which is ending on March 31st. Your feedback helped us understand the kinds of things that make you feel appreciated and valued.

Based on what we learned, we have decided the program is not ready to roll out to the public in April as originally planned. But rest assured, we will continue to thank loyal and devoted customers like you with innovative offerings.

Thanks again for your participation and feedback.


PlayStation®Rewards Team

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


    It was nice that sony tried to come up with a program geared to the hard-core ps3 user, albeit that the tasks were very easy to do and the rewards should have been better. I'm stuck with a lame legendary status home avatar which I guess is now to be coveted. would have been nice to see this fruition to something better.

    what did this relate to exactly ?? hours spent gaming ? amount of games owned ? trophies acquired ?

    or a combination of a lot of things ?

      "The program has three reward tiers: Select, Pro and Legendary. Members advance through each tier based on their level of engagement and actions including playing new games for the first time, buying content from PlayStation Network in PlayStation Store or PlayStation Home, downloading movies and TV shows, or engaging in communication with PlayStation like taking surveys."

      i would also assume trophies would be included, as that would be a big incentive to aim for more trophies= devs more money. I guess one of the problems would have been to decide on points reward structure, what everything was worth etc.

    Pepsi Stuff proved to successful in the cola wars. Playstation Rewards could be a good move for Sony. I hope it goes ahead.

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