Stolen PS3 Leads Cops To Double Murder Suspect

Stolen PS3 Leads Cops To Double Murder Suspect

A man suspected of a double homicide eluded police for two months, until a PlayStation 3 stolen from the victims’ home turned up and led authorities to an arrest.

In Gaffney, South Carolina, Giles Lee Palmer, 22, faces two counts of murder in connection with the January 19 shooting deaths of Dominique Cintrell Morgan, 19, and William O’Brian Smith, 22. Gaffney cops found the console in question not at a pawn shop, but in a home in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

That suggests to me that its ID was flagged in case it ever connected to the PlayStation Network. The Spartanburg Herald Journal reported only that “police were able to track it back to Palmer”.

Two other suspects are believed to be involved in the killings.

PlayStation leads police to charge Gaffney man in double homicide [The Spartanburg S.C. Herald Journal, via The Random Blog of Link Booking photo via Herald Journal]

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