The Batmobile Is Out, But Who Knows About Robin

The Batmobile Is Out, But Who Knows About Robin

“We’re not making a racing game,” one of the creators of this fall’s Batman Arkham City politely told me today when I asked him whether the Batmobile would be featured in this year’s big video game Dark Knight sequel.

No Batmobile. No driving. This caped crusader hitches rides on the undercarriages of helicopters and can swoop down the channels of his city like a hang-glider with the need to chokehold a Joker thug standing at ground level.

We will get no Batmobile is this determinedly non-racing and – emphasis – singleplayer game. SIngle-player games aren’t the kind of games that’d let one person be Batman and another be Robin. Nevertheless, I had that other question on my question list: Does Robin even exist in this Batman universe?

The Arkham City man answered my question by confirming that the characters I saw or heard in his demo of Arkham City today – Batman, Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, and Harley Quinn – are in the game. Of course, that wasn’t what I was asking. Of course the details of a game are revealed only an inch at a time. A yes or no on the Boy Wonder’s existence must wait.

Funny thing, though. In the demo I saw of Arkham City today, the developers twice garbled characters’ lines of dialogue. Each time they had just half-second’s worth of speech playing in reverse. They seem to be scrambling some plot detail. What could be so important, so revelatory about what is happening in this game that it too must be obscured – and yet so succinctly stated that it can be expressed in a half sentence. It seemed to be about an event that happened in Gotham.

We need a detective to sort this one out. Or maybe a Boy Wonder.

(For impressions of what I saw in Arkham City, check out Michael McWhertor’s excellent write-up from last week. Same impressive stuff.)


  • For some reason I have the overwhelming need to point out that that pic doesn’t really apply, seeing as that isn’t Bruce Wayne as Batman, it’s Dick Grayson with Damien Wayne as Robin.

    I’d be interested to see which Robin we get, my money would be on Tim Drake. By this stage in Bat-canon Dick should already be Nightwing, but then again the Arkham games seem to have their own continuity that is mostly removed from the comics.

  • Since Barbara Gordon is Oracle in the first game Dick Grayson should be Nightwing. And if I recall correctly, she was reminiscing about being Batgirl.

    The Batmobile seems more a device to get Batman to a location, once he’s there he hides it out of the way. Probaly doesn’t want people messing with his ride.

  • Actually, it would be awesome if Dick Grayson WAS Nightwing, and you played a level co-operating with him. A good NPC can still be a virtue in a single player game, not just a fill in for another player. Alyx Vance anyone? And it would make sense both timeline-wise and story wise, that there are OTHER people out there trying to stop the villains. Nightwing would be on the frontline. The shadowy front line.

    Otherwise, Tim Drake would make the most sense as a potential Robin, but it would be hard to draw him into it. At least Dick Grayson was trained as an acrobat – Tim had to go through training with Batman.

  • Wasn’t Nightwing in Arkham Asylum, thus negating Dick Grayson as a possible Robin? I swear I remember a short conversation between Batman & Nightwing around the time you get the line launcher? I could be wrong though…

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