WiiWare Losing Its Video On Demand Service In Japan

"Minna no Theater Wii" (Everybody's Wii Theater) is a streaming Wii service that launched in Japan in early 2009. And later this year, it will end.

The service allowed Wii owners to rent movies like Inception or anime like Astro Boy with Wii Points.

Fujisoft, the Kanagawa-based IT company behind Minna no Theater Wii, today stated that this October the service will cease. According to Fujisoft, the reason why the service is ending is due to increasing competition from smart phones, PCs and internet-connected televisions.

There is speculation online, however, that the service could be ending for the Wii because a new Nintendo console is around the corner - the inevitable Wii follow-up.

Regardless, Minno no theatre Wii will end this October. And life? It will go on.

Wiiウェア「みんなのシアターWii」販売・サービス終了のご案内 [みんなのシアターWii]


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