8-bit Pocket Camera Turns Your iPhone Into A Game Boy Camera

8-bit Pocket Camera Turns Your iPhone Into A Game Boy Camera

Resolution of your iPhone camera got you down? Are HDR photographs just too dynamic for you? With the magic of the 8-bit Pocket Camera app, you can make your iPhone’s photographic capabilities look a good 13-years-old, emulating the qualities of Nintendo’s Game Boy Camera.

The 99 cent 8-bit Pocket Camera app brings that 8-bit look to your iPhone, rendering your photos in an intentionally unimpressive four shades of grey and at an equally old-school 14.3 kilopixels (128 x 112 resolution), just like a Game Boy Camera.


8-bit Pocket Camera has a few black and white bells and whistles. The app lets you play with brightness, contrast, various image filters and special effects—zoom, stretch, mirror, rotate. Users can apply various borders to their images or tint them with up to two(!) colour options. This is low-tech photography at it’s finest and most pixelated.

The app dumps it all into a relatively easy to manage photo album, where 8-bit photo enthusiasts can opt to share their pics via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. It’s all fast, light and simple to use.

For a buck, it’s worth grabbing if you’re feeling a tinge of Game Boy nostalgia, even if you don’t own a thermal printer with Apple AirPlay support.

8-bit Pocket Camera [iTunes]


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