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Picking firsts in video game history isn't easy. For example: Resident Evil was the first survival horror game. Nope, try Alone in the Dark. Oh wait, was it Sweet Home (the inspiration for RE)? Massive argument ensues. At the risk of starting his own related brawl, Alex Lemcovich of Stealth Docs has put forward his idea of the first stealth game. Care to guess?


Perhaps it's because I've been away from a controller and mouse for a while, but I've had a real strong desire for things that can be played with the arrow keys and a few buttons lately. So let's combine those two passions in this week's Tribute Thursday with a real old gem.

Let's beat up some blokes in costume.


1994's FPS-RPG, System Shock, is an important game. It was an influence on not just BioShock and its sequels, but also a variety of game series in between, like Half-Life and Deus Ex. It was also a bitch to play on modern PCs, which is fortunately something this re-release should help with.


'Retro' visual aesthetics are everywhere. They're in the games we used to play, they're in marketing, pixel art. It's a movement. It's part of our cultural consciousness. But it's easy to forget that the 'pixel' look was a result of processing limitations. How did it all work? This video does a phenomenal job of explaining all that.


The retro gaming industry continues to explode. CNN reported on the secondary market for vintage games and the dusty, old cartridges sitting in your mum's attic are increasing in value -- sometimes by twice of what they were valued at years ago.


Dialogue is a tricky thing to pull off in a video game. It's already more difficult to suspend disbelief over a video game character, and once you put words into that character's mouth, it becomes that much more challenging. Few writers have the know-how to script lines and make them feel authentic. But then again, some of it may just come down to confusion. Take for example...