I Need One Of These Beautiful Transparent Analogue Pockets The Way I Need Air

I Need One Of These Beautiful Transparent Analogue Pockets The Way I Need Air

Analogue will launch a transparent version of its well-loved Pocket handheld in the next few days.

The design evokes a classic GameBoy colourway that used clear plastic to show owners the internal components that powered Nintendo’s world-beating handheld. The Analogue Pocket Transparent also comes in several colourways of its own — purple, blue, black, red, orange, green and clear.

As a reminder, or if you’ve not encountered one before, these bespoke handhelds will play all your old GameBoy carts (and carts from a few other handhelds of that era with an adapter) as though they were new. What’s more, it displays them on a big, beautiful, backlit screen so you can actually see what you’re doing (as opposed to the pea-soup screen on the original GameBoy).

The Analogue Pocket Transparent will be launched at 8 AM PT on Friday, September 29th in the US (that’s 1 AM AEST, Saturday, September 30th for Aussies on the east coast) and will be available in “strictly limited quantities”. Shipping will begin two weeks after the device goes on sale.

You’ll be looking at $US249.99 ($AU389.24 as a straight AUD conversion) for a handheld in the colourway of your choice, and whatever Analogue is charging for Australian postage on top, which could wind up being fairly pricey for the average Aussie retro gamer on the street.

Even if you’re not planning to pick one up, I think we can all agree that 1) these are bloody lovely to look at and 2) retro-styled transparent consoles were and remain an absolutely GOATed design.

If you’re ready to camp the Analogue store until Saturday morning, you can use this link to head straight over to their site.


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