Analogue Pocket Glow In The Dark Is Real, Beautiful, Drops This Saturday

Analogue Pocket Glow In The Dark Is Real, Beautiful, Drops This Saturday

Analogue is releasing a glow in the dark version of its wildly popular Pocket retro handheld.

The Pocket is, I think most would argue, among the best ways to play Game Boy games in 2023. It’ll also play a number of your other retro carts, like the Game Gear, if you have the proper adapter. Kotaku US certainly loved it when they reviewed the device at launch back in 2020, when the late, great Mike Fahey took it for a test drive.

This is one of the only other colourways that Analogue has produced for the device in the last few years, with its black and white models acting as the company’s flagship device.

This new Analogue Pocket has a glow in the dark coating that, it says, will last up to eight hours if you leave it in direct sunlight, blacklight or light from an incandescent bulb.

Is a glow in the dark handheld kind of silly? Yeah, it is. But so were many of the Game Boy colourways released in the 1990s. This is exactly the type of gimmick Nintendo would have pulled back then, so it makes sense for Analogue to try it now.

The device is only available in US dollars, at (Aussies take a deep breath) $US249.95 (which is about $AU390). They do offer shipping and postage outside of the US, but that will also be charged in USD and is going to run you a little bit more.

The Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark will go on sale via the Analogue website on September 1, at 8 pm PDT (which is September 2, at 1 pm AEST — this coming Saturday). Analogue says the device will only be available in strictly limited quantities so, if you want one, you’d better be on the ball this Saturday.


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