Every Game From Our Childhood We Want Remastered ASAP

Every Game From Our Childhood We Want Remastered ASAP

It has been an absolutely wild couple of months for new video games, with a seemingly endless list of new releases being announced just recently. And do you know what it taught me? That I don’t actually want to play new games, I would simply rather play the same games I loved as a child on repeat for the rest of eternity.

This piece originally ran on Kotaku Australia on June 28, 2021. It has been retimed as a weekend schedule.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve spent the past 18 months living in absolute chaos and now I am kindly asking to be yeeted back into the year 2004 when my greatest worry was my sister overriding my save on The Simpsons: Hit & Run. But I’m riding the nostalgia train pretty hard right now and the next station is Old School Gamesville.

This begs the question: if you could have one (1) game from your childhood remastered, what would it be and why?


There are so many games that come to mind for me. Obviously, the classics like The Simpsons: Hit & Run and Road Rage come to mind, but they’re a given.

I would also quite literally trade my kidney for a remastered version of Matchbox Emergency Patrol, and would kiss the Sims developer who remasters Makin’ Magic for The Sims 4.

But I would sacrifice every single one of these games for a remastered version of 102 Dalmatians: Puppies To The Rescue (specifically the PC version; the Playstation version sucked, sorry). However, I did just discover a really poor quality bootleg browser version that is currently satisfying my desires to play this game.

102 dalmatians puppies to the rescue
This game was like crack to my 7-year-old, dog-obsessed, computer game nerd self.

As for your own suggestions, the list was quite literally too long to include every single one, so we’re just going to stick to the highlights reel.

For starters, fellow Kotaku writer and my dear friend Leah Williams has dropped a truth bomb and reminded me that The Sims 2 DS slapped way harder than it ever had a right to.

I feel like any The Sims fan would agree that a remaster of The Sims 1 or would be far better than any  The Sims 4 expansion. C’mon EA, give us the Sims version of WoW Classic.

Speaking of The Sims… Give us Castaway again. I’m BEGGING you.

Pretty much everyone is in agreement that we need a The Simpsons: Hit & Run remaster. I mean, it’s what we deserve.

Another game that lives rent-free in my heart and unfortunately not in my video game collection: Mary Kate & Ashley’s Magical Mystery Mall. The Olsen twins were making kickass games for girls way before anyone else was and I think they deserve a lot more credit than anyone ever gives them.

And let’s not forget about Worms. Personally, I’m hanging for a Worms Forts: Under Siege remaster but Armageddon is also an incredible game.

Surprisingly, another game that multiple people longed for, including Kotaku’s very own Lauren Rouse, is Dog’s Life. I’m not sure why but I always figured this was one of those games nobody else remembered, but hoo boy, I was wrong. Dog’s Life is a work of art and deserves a remaster ASAP.

dog's life
Alright, who gave Dog’s Life the right to slap this hard?

And remember this guy? What the heck is Pajama Sam up to now? Is he a 20-something trying to navigate the world too? Because I assure you, paying taxes is way more scary than anything in your house at night.

pyjama sam
Pyjama Sam is a national hero.

Remember when they dropped an Indiana Jones video game? The Fate of Atlantis was too good and I would trade my soul to play it again.

indiana jones and the fate of atlantis
You’re now legally obligated to have the Indiana Jones song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

I know it’s probably wishful thinking considering they already gave us the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remaster, but wouldn’t it be nice if they also gave us American Wasteland?

tony hawk's american wasteland

And we simply can’t forget The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Art.

One word. Four letters. Say it and I’m yours. CROC.


A lot of people also suggested Jak & Daxter, but considering we had a PS4 game from them, I will not be giving any time to the Ratchet & Clank you bought from Wish.com. Sorry.

remastered games

Which game(s) do you want to see remastered? Drop them in the comments below.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

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