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Hot on the heels of 2016's Battlezone 98 Redux and this year's Battlezone VR, Rebellion has announced Battlezone Combat Commander, a remastered version of 1999's Battlezone 2, due out next year on PC. That's three Battlezone games in three years. Way to work that licence, Rebellion.


November 7 marked two important milestones for Mass Effect. It falls in the same month as the first release of Bioware's sci-fi role-playing game series, which came out on November 20, 2007, giving fans a good excuse to celebrate its anniversary. And, more importantly, it can be contracted as N7, an alphanumeric designation belonging to elite soldiers within the game, like protagonist Commander Shepard. For years now, November 7 has been a celebration of all things Mass Effect, a time for news, announcements, and excitement all around.

But this N7 day kind of sucked.


2003 puzzle platformer Voodoo Vince is a game that deserved better than original Xbox exclusivity. Creator Clayton Kauzlaric agrees, so his independent studio is releasing an HD remaster for Xbox One and Windows next year.


Briefly: Classic RPG Grandia II is being remastered for Steam release. Chosen by fans via survey, the acclaimed GameArts role-playing game will be getting an HD touch-up from GungHo Online Entertainment based on the 2000 Dreamcast version. Grandia II was first released on PC back in 2002.