You Can Play Elden Ring On A Game Boy Now (Kinda)

You Can Play Elden Ring On A Game Boy Now (Kinda)

Elden Ring is a visually spectacular game, which makes sense considering the technology we have today. But what if it was made for the Game Boy?

I’m sure there are still quite a few people playing Elden Ring, but the news cycle has definitely calmed down a bit around it. If you’ve finished Elden Ring, congratulations! I personally gave up, as I came to the realisation that I could ultimately just play other games that bring joy to me instead. Also, I was bad at it and wasn’t getting any better by the time I needed to focus on other games for my silly little job.

However, those looking for more Elden Ring should look no further than here, as YouTuber and indie game developer Shintendo has made a new version of the titular title. That is, a new version of a new game, but in an old fashion.

According to the game’s description:

What if Elden Ring released in 1993? Elden Ring GB is a demake of Elden Ring that runs on real retro hardware including all Game Boy consoles, as well as in emulators and on Analogue Pocket. You can also play it right here in your browser, though the other methods are recommended to allow for saving, better colours and higher accuracy. Explore all of the Precipice of Anticipation, Northern Limgrave and Stormveil Castle in this bite-sized demake experience made in GB Studio.

GB Studio, for those unaware, is a very cool toolkit described as ‘visual game builder with no programming knowledge required’, and can be used to make Game Boy-esque games and ROMs that work on real consoles. It’s the kind of toolkit that can make something simple and fun if you’re new to the craft, and then something that feels like a true retro experience if you know what you’re doing.

While Elden Ring GB only covers a limited area of the original game, it still works as a very interesting take on Elden Ring. Besides, can you really expect the entire Lands Between to fit in a Game Boy game?

If you’d like to try Elden Ring GB for yourself, you can find it here on Shintendo’s Itch page. While it’s playable in browser, the developer recommends downloading it for the ability to save your progress.

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