Boy Creates iPhone Game As PopCap Grants A Wish

Boy Creates iPhone Game As PopCap Grants A Wish

We’re all familiar with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, who it supports, and why. With that out of the way, PopCap games today announced that Allied Star Police, by the Seattle-area games designer Owain Weinert (pictured) will soon release for all iOS devices on the iTunes App Store.

Weinert, a newcomer to the games development scene, is the lead designer for this science-fiction RTS. In Allied Star Police players assume the role of a base commander, deploying “automated battle machines” and “targeted ballistic ordnance” to repel the invasion of alien Flamions.

PopCap, maker of hit series like Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, and Peggle, acquired Weinert’s services through a partnership with Make-a-Wish. Proceeds from the sale of Allied Star Police will benefit the foundation.

Weinert, 9, is diagnosed with pre-B Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia.


PopCap Wish [KCPQ-TV via Jenny Kuglin]


    • The kid’s 9 and fucking dying. Ever hear of cutting someone a break? Geez, even for trolling, that’s bad taste.
      Kudos to PopCap. No doubt it’ll hardly be the game of the century to us, but it sure will be to that kid.

    • Basically another troll in the already overpopulated heartless pathetic attention-seeking troll genre.

    • Steve0410 made a valid, logical and rational observation. And even if he was trolling, you guys responding to Steve had to stoop low to his level not realising trolls get enjoyment out of being acknowledged even if it’s negative feedback.

  • More game devs need to do this.

    I mean even if your game sucks your bound to make SOME pity dollars.

    To be srs though, hella nice. Good on you PopCap, even if you do make what is essentially crack for gamers. Damned, sweet game crack.. DAMN YOU! 😛

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