Countdown Clocks Are Stupid. Capcom Has One!

They are stupid. But for those readers who enjoy watching water boil and paint dry, this one's for you. The website is titled "DD", which stands for... [via DD]


    My bet is Devil May Cry related.

      I hope not, unless they decided to change that horrid re-imagining of Dante.

      Definitely thinking this. The flames just dont seem to suit anything else.

      don't reckon, it's actually Dragons Dogma but I'm hoping that it's somehow related to Breath of Fire


      Yep. The rest of 2011 won't happen in 2011 anymore. 2012 will now happen over 2011 and 2012. This is why the world will end at the end of 2012, as there will be no 2012 to happen during 2012. Time simply won't be once it ends.

    I'm guessing Dragons Dogma. Here's the background image that fades in and out, along with a modified version to show the dragon better.

    I'll put money on a new D&D game though I'm secretly hoping for a revamp of Darkwing Duck.

      Darkwing Duck... in the style of Arkham City.

      Hell Yeah!

    It could be another Dungeons and Dragons game. They did some years ago, plus it would fill the side-scolling beat'em up niche.

    Maybe Namco are letting Capcom do some trolling on their behalf and this will turn out to be another digimon game!

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