Capcom Kills Off Resident Evil’s Blind Bimbo

Capcom Kills Off Resident Evil’s Blind Bimbo

Earlier this month, Capcom surprised a lot of long-time Resident Evil fans by including a character in a trailer for the upcoming Revelations who didn’t really fit the aesthetic of the universe. And by that I mean she had a stupid haircut and ridiculous cleavage.

Dislike for the character was almost unanimous, but it turns out all that hate was for naught: the first trailer was but a tease. In the full clip, she ends up gutted like a dead fish.

Good news for the game, I guess, but if there was one thing more uncomfortable than seeing a bimbo in a Resident Evil game it’s Capcom using a woman’s grisly death as an “IT’S OK GUYS WE KILL HER” marketing stunt.


  • Haha, even after years of training, military women apparently still suffer from “falling woman syndrome” in horror chase themes.

  • “…Capcom using a woman’s grisly death as an “IT’S OK GUYS WE KILL HER” marketing stunt.”

    Yeah, but c’mon, Luke. It’s fiction.

    • wether it is or not is not the problom. Its more to do with them emplying EA like tatics. Ala, the DI debarcle.

      Yes, it all happend in the game, but uesing hate as a way to promot a game is a BAD BAD idea.

  • Watching the original trailer, I couldn’t help but think:

    “I’ve seen enough Hentai to know where this is going.”

    Esp the part where the zombies basically drooling all over her cleavage.

  • Any amount of cleavage is a stupid amount. Surely there are other people out there like me that would like to play a game in the same room as other people and not feel embarrassed at how immature they are when it comes to women.

      • It does matter, and when the games industry can improve its perception and start to shed some of its stereotypes, it will benefit both the people who make games, and the people who play them.

        • How will it benefit? Are games the new landmark for political and social agenda? Will people learn about tolerance and rightly morals from video games from now on?

          It’s entertainment… and one about ridiculous zombie conspiracies at that. It may be terrible character design, but I will happily support games that have tits all about solely for the purpose of being so.

        • ‘derp derp, stereotypes make me embarrassed!’

          Same here!

          If anything embarrasses me, it’s those girlie magazine covers that have people looking super leet perfect. Maybe they should undo those photoshop pimples while they reduce boobs in video games.

          Lets make everything fugly! We could photoshop on extra pimples and do full body scans of transsexuals to get the most ultra flat non-stereotypical characters for video games.

          Bet that would make u happy right?

          • I guess the line between the photoshopped magazine cover boobs and the completely digital boobs is a pretty thin line anyway!

            How will it will be beneficial having less of that horrible nerd-lust aura tainting video games? It’s a worry if I have to explain that! 😛

      • Do we really want to Serious Talk about this?

        The media as a whole is exploitative of anyone and everyone. Mass media has a tendency to cater toward the lowest common denominator and it isn’t until a clear line in the sand is drawn in any medium that it garners some respect from the population at large. That line is the imaginary exploitation line.

        When a medium is mature enough to support itself without the ridiculousness, it can finally move on to becoming socially accepted.

        The case of video games is similar to film and comics in that the major exploitations here are race and sex. When film started growing a social conscience and actively tried to be better than lowest-common-denominator tripe, it thrived and grew. There will always be room for exploitative film, but it isn’t the main thrust of a multi-billion dollar industry. Comics haven’t quite made it yet, but they are getting closer.

        Games are not even within sight of the finish line and it is bullshit like this that stops the medium progressing. Not the existence of it, mind you. The appearance of it in an IP that usually takes the higher ground is the problem. The existence will always be there because exploitation sells. Always will. It just shouldn’t ever be such a huge black-eye on a cultural force.

        Which brings me to the point that snacuum brought up. This IS a cultural force. We are shaped by our experiences and in a world of mass-media, we experience a lot of our lives through its lens. When that lens is skewed so badly that all people are knocked down to the worth of their physical parts or worse: the worth of a non-representative ideal as categorised by the worth of their physical parts, we are all poorer for the experience. It literally breeds ignorance, stupidity and intolerance in us. Case in point, the nasty little comment by sumlolz that implies that trans-gendered people are monstrous.

  • I want to know, what the hell is up with game reviewers where they all come down hating on video game characters with big breasts.

    I know that in real life most women won’t touch you, but c’mon guys – no amount of pretending to hate “exploitation of women in games” is going to make them want to go out with you. No matter how much you post about on the internet. This is a true fact – white knighting never got anyone laid.

    That being said, I love epic breasts and I hate people like Luke Plunkett who are responsible for such acts against humanity such as turning Laura Croft into a 12 year old boy.

    • I work in the Aus games industry (not entirely an endangered species yet!) and my issue is not about ‘getting laid’ by ‘pretending to hate exploitation’ its about improving the general perception of games within society so that our industry can be more successful, reach wider audiences and create more interesting ideas.

      • “improving the general perception of games within society so that our industry can be more successful, reach wider audiences and create more interesting ideas.”

        While I understand the direction you’re coming from, I must say that regardless of whatever country you’re in, that the games industry is doing this anyway. It’s even managing to amid all the Call of Duty’s and Assassins Creed’s and Resident Evils.

        The movie industry is a respected industry and one of the highest grossing movies of the year is:

        Transformers 3

        – A movie about giant robots, gratuitous violence, and includes poor stereotypes including overly sexualized females.

        The book industry is a respected industry, and one of it’s highest grossing publications is:

        – A book about unconventional vampires involved in a glorified mills & boon love story including overly sexualized males.

        • You’re dead right, its starting to happen (Despite the best efforts of GAME TV here in Australia) but I’d like it to happen faster!

          The Movie and the Literature industries have been around long enough that the landscape is very different to games.

          It’s obvious that Transformers 3 isn’t going to nominated at Cannes and that Twilight isnt going to get a Pulitzer, but for someone that doesn’t play games, could they have that same understanding of Battlefield3? If people believed that ALL movies were like transformers and ALL books were like twilight, I suspect a lot of people would have a different opinion on movie and book lovers.

          Games are new, and its going to take time for the non-player to see past the Resident Evils and see that there are Limbos out there. I think we have to do everything we can to promote that happening, unfortunately the blockbuster games being full of tits and guns turns a lot of people off the entire idea of games. – that doesn’t happen in movies or books because of the scale of their catalogues and the depth in which they are integrated into our culture. Tranformers 3 being crap doesn’t stop someone deciding to watch Babel, but someone watching me play RE Revelations might make them never pick up a game in a store that they would actually really enjoy because subconsciously they think ‘nah, I’m not into games’ without realising games are as varied as any other form of entertainment.

          • My issue is that you’re singling out video games unnecessarily. I probably should have constructed my argument better, but my bringing up of Transformers 3 and Twilight was to actually point out that these respected mediums have these low-brow productions as the very forefront of the medium in terms of penetration and sales.

            We’re all pretty intelligent people here (I can assume) and you probably make friends with other intelligent people, which is probably why you’ve encountered people who would poopoo games on the basis of some games shallow nature. However, be reminded that such people are in the overwhelming minority! No, most people who enjoy transformers and twilight will not go and watch something like Babel or read Shakespeare, and yet those mediums have the depth you seek still.

            Games do to. The Limbos exist, portals exist, and those who will enjoy their depth will find them. In the mean time just encourage development of good design and feel no embarrassment at all for the low-brow.

            Also I’m not defending the design of this resident evil character, she really does look pants on head retarded.

          • You are spot on, the only reason I think games are different are because they are relatively new, I think there is still a higher barrier than there should be to finding the Portals and Limbos for people who aren’t familiar with games, which are the people I most want to discover the awesomeness of playing great games! But we’ll get there dammit.

            I’ll take solace in that no matter how low-brow RE ever gets, the embarrassment couldn’t be worse than playing Dirt3! At least my wicked sickness won’t be totally uploaded to youtube, amigo.

  • Hm, I have no problem with the breasts, but isn’t it a bit strange having exposed skin when dealing with a zombie infestation?
    The hair is a completely different story! That is so freaking ridiculous I can’t begin to describe it! Worst character design ever.

    @Colby, The full sentence is “I found a survivor, but the BOWs got her” in other words, she wasn’t a zombie. She survived…until she got killed

  • I’m kind of confused by your sarcasm at the end there. So you don’t like the character, but you also don’t like that capcom killed her off? Would you have preferred her to be the main character?

  • It’s no wonder she couldn’t kill that first zombie, with all the hair in her face. It’s like she was trying to aim low and let recoil do the work, but ran out of patience and thought dying would be easier. I would have settled for a haircut, personally.

  • Luke white knighting womankind over a bimbo and her death would be a little more convincing if he’d used words other than “tits” in the last article.

  • I highly doubt Capcom intended for fans to hate the character. She is supposed to have sex appeal obviously, and she is supposed to be helpless.

    People just didn’t like her.

    Her death is supposed to be a shock and a twist, breaking away from the “detailed character survives unlikely odds every time” videogame stereotype.

    Not a “dun’t woorry fans, wee kill’d hur!” attempt.

    • But this is survival horror (I think?) and Resident Evil. How many characters do you see walk out of a dire situation (who is not a main character) and go “hay gaiz im fine.”

      • My original comment was regarding videogame trailer stereotypes. How many trailers show the death of a (alluded to) main character? Very little.

        The trailer was a twist on the stereotype of the “last second rescue, just in the nick of time” that we see in many, many games and movies.

        Also, I don’t know what your definition of “main character” is for Resident Evil, but nearly every single good character survives those games. Aside, of course, from the traditional sacrifice that a minor good character will always make.

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