Capcom Apologises To Victims Of Resident Evil's Misspelled Box Art

Yes, yes, Capcom is aware of the typographical error on the spine of Resident Evil: Revelaitons Revelations and has vowed to fix the packaging of a Nintendo-platform game for the second time in four years.

Here's a statement from Capcom USA to Kotaku:

"It has come to our attention that there was a misspelling on the Resident Evil Revelations packaging. We apologise for the mistake, which will be corrected for subsequent productions of the game. We are working on a solution to provide affected customers with the correct packaging. Please visit Capcom-Unity at for updates."

Image: Bitmob's Dan Hsu


    I can't believe they missed that. How hard is it to mispell Biohazard?

      Because of one simple reason.

      When Sega of Japan licensed Crying - Biological War for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega of America changed the name to "Bio-hazard Battle" which was released well before Capcom had even begun the Resident Evil franchise (aka Biohazard in Japan). Since Sega still sells Bio-hazard Battle (Wii Virtual Console), Capcom can't use the name for the English audiance.

    i wonder if this will become a collectors item...

    Those poor 'victims' I hope Capcom offers free counselling to these poor unfortunate people:(

      That won't stop the class action lawsuit.

    I wonder if they had Kotaku US writing it for them. Sorry.

    Wait.... no I'm not.

      I KNEW someone would make a comment like that. How did I know? Because I was thinking about making the exact same comment.

      I should feel bad, but really, after the whole Mario Kart 9 thing (and the multiple "FFXII-2" mistakes, among others)...

    In stamp collecting isn't misprinted stamps worth more? This misprint might be worth alot in the future.

    Don't worry Capcom, everyone makes mistaks

    Who the hell proofed this, how embarrassing!

    I hope this doesn't delay my copy shipping from the US. I want the incorrect spelling version anyway. It will go nicely with my Okami wii cover with IGN watermark.

    The comments on this article are funnier than the incident! xD

    Capcom suck.

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