Current Consoles Are Still Capable Of Some Amazing Graphics

With all this Wii 2 talk, it's easy to forget the fact we're stuck with the Xbox 360 and PS3 for another three years. Just because they're getting a little long in the tooth, though, doesn't make them slouches in the graphics department.

This is a technical demonstration put together by tri-Ace, the Japanese development studio best known for its Star Ocean role-playing games. Normally renowned for its gorgeous cinematics, this clip shows they're no slouches when it comes to making real-time graphics sing, either.

You can read the specifics of it all here, but to surmise, tri-Ace claim this is all done in real-time on an engine that runs on the Xbox 360 and PS3, with not a second's worth of pre-rendered or otherwise doctored footage.

While this would technically mean tri-Ace could make in-game action look this good, that never happens when a game's memory has to be filled with, well, a game and not just a fancy showreel.

Still, if you want to know what the PS3 and Xbox 360 are still capable of - and could feasibly pull of for real-time, in-engine cutscenes - check out the video above.

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    Even at 360p, I have a hard time believing it.

    Hope they don't turn into a Final Fantasy 13...

    yeah but there is a difference between and engine working on a console and an engine using optimized settings on the console.

    Frostbite engine "works" on consoles but the graphics are still terrible when compared to PC which actually can use the engine to its potential.

    be this wasnt done using an xbox or PS3.

      Their webpage says
      "Rendered in real-time on Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3
      Runs at 30Hz with 720p and is directly captured from the video output on the devkit"

      So it was rendered on the console. However if you put that into a game imagine the loading times?

    While I love my xbox to death, we need a new generation of consoles, so pc gamers don't have to suffer because games are developed for 6 year old hardware.

      They suffer because they're such a small section of the market combined with an insane rate of piracy.

    Current consoles getting long in the tooth? Compared to what exactly?

    Bizarrely, I was playing Burnout 2 on the PS2 the other day and I was thinking that it looked excellent.

    Consoles only end when developers give up on them.

    It's a real shame too because in the rush to get more money into their pockets, most developers that make games for consoles only just start to stress the limits of the console before a flashy new one comes along and they have to start from scratch on that one.

    The Ps2 & Xbox were only just seeing their full potential when this generation hit the shelf. The Wii is now starting to be pushed to it's limits because developers are realizing that you don't have to only develop shovelware for the damn thing. But then again, a new console every 6 years is a pain in the butt. Personally I'd like to see a new console every 10 years with a slight upgrade to processing power/RAM/ect at the 6 year mark

    Star Ocean with adult main characters?
    I want this to happen, Tri-Ace. Why must you tease me with a tech demo?

    So do i get 1 month of my xbox running this without RRODing?

    You know, I played through metroid prime 2 today, and I thought it looked great. I don't really think better graphics is a reason for newer consoles. Are we all forgetting that raw cpu power and pretty graphics don't make good games?

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