Fukushima Nuclear Plant Getting Help From An Xbox 360 Controller?

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Getting Help From An Xbox 360 Controller?

The situation at Fukushima is far from over. The Japanese government is working hard to cool the nuclear cores and contain the problem. Help from outside is being enlisted, too. Help that is powered by an Xbox 360 controller.

North America’s QinetiQ deployed its unmanned Talon robots in Fukushima. According to QinetiQ, the robots are outfitted with night vision as well as CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) detection kits.


These CBRNE kits enable the robots to i.d. over 7500 environmental hazards, including chemicals, volatile gases, radiation and explosive risks, as well as temperature and air quality indicators. The Talon robots can be operated up to 1000m away. As with many American robots used in military and rescue operations, they are controlled by Xbox 360 pads.

For years now, Japan has ignored the Xbox 360. The console is popular abroad, but Japan never really got into the machine, leaving the consoles unloved and collecting dust on store shelves. Now, America robots controlled by Xbox 360 controllers are on Japanese soil and doing their best to help with the clean up effort. People in Japan still ain’t buying the Xbox 360, though.

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