Hide From Big Brother's Roaming Eye With Pixelhead

You can't take two steps in the world these days without having your image captured. Everywhere you turn there are people with mobile phone cameras, traffic cameras, Google Street View vehicles. How can we remain anonymous in this digital age? Why, with digital camouflage, of course. Enter Pixelhead.

The brainchild of artist Martin Backes, Pixelhead is a soft, form-fitting balaclava that covers your head with a digitised version of German Secretary of the Interior Thomas de Maizière, making it perhaps the easiest and least humiliating way to have a German government official on your head, though don't quote me on that; I'm no government official wearing expert.

Pixelhead effectively makes you another faceless drone amidst a sea of faceless drones, only you'll be the only one not being identified as the guy peeing in the alley in that one Google Street View picture. They'll just blame it on Thomas de Maizière, or one of the combatants in the 1990 arcade classic Pit Fighter.

This is a much more effective and safe method for avoiding being photographed than my plan, which involved getting a full body tattoo of myself two centimeters to the left so I always look blurry.

Camouflage Your Features With Pixelhead [The Creators Project]


    Huh, from the picture above I thought that article would be about the next Doctor Who monster.

    Seriously though, that thing looks terrifying.

    Yeh I thought it was going to be a Slender Man reference.

      I also thought the picture was fantastically creepy and was some Slender Man shit.

    What advantages does this offer over a regular balaclava?

      People won't think you're about to mug them?

    former german secretary of the interior, now he's minister of defense, since the old one got caught cheating in his dissertation....


    in case anyone cared.

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