Self-Professed Furry Charged With Xbox Live Child Abuse

Self-Professed Furry Charged With Xbox Live Child Abuse

A 19-year-old from Greece, New York, that identifies himself on Xbox Live as a “homosexual furry” has been arrested and charged for allegedly sexually abusing a boy under the age of 13 he met while playing on Xbox Live.

According to authorities, Richard Kretovic, who goes by the Xbox Live gamertag Formic Hivemind met his alleged victim while playing games on Xbox Live. Upon discovering that the alleged victim was also a resident of Greece, Kretovic set up a meeting. It was during this meeting that police say he sexually abused the young boy.

The boy’s mother, suspecting her child had been sexually abused, contacted authorities. Their investigation led them directly to Kretovic. He is being charged with first-degree criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child. Police say the child is “making adjustment but doing well”.

Formic Hivemind was last seen on Xbox Live playing Halo: Reach on April 15. A quick search of revealed his profile, in which the following bio was written.

You’re my Number One, Kogi. I’ll always love you… BTW, I’m a homosexual furry. Troll if you please, I’m always looking for new challengers >=3 My cute Li’l brothers, Kogi-kun, Andy, Curtis, Izzy, Lynxie, Thundy-kun, Tornado, and Tully, My Big brother, Skiski, My sweet little sisters, Luna, Jinxxy, Kitkat, and Courtney, My big sisters, Spir and Kittykitty My nephews, Nicka, Leo and Cale and my Cousin, TunnelingPigeon

Now I have no beef with furries myself. Some have even suggested that I am one, though the closest thing I own to a fursuit is a thick coating of body hair. While this incident certainly hurts their case, not all furries are sexual deviants.

Still, the description in Formic Hivemind’s Xbox gamertag profile would definitely throw up a red flag for any parent closely monitoring their young child’s online time.

In the end, this is just another example of why children shouldn’t be allowed free access to the internet, no matter how innocent the means of connecting may seem. My children aren’t even going to know the internet exists until they’re old enough to own guns.


Man charged with abusing child he met on Xbox Live [Democrat and Chronicle]

Update: Xbox Live game leads to sex abuse arrest [WEHC News 10 – Thanks, Dan]


  • I don’t know if free access to the internet is the problem so much, creeps will always be out there and I wouldn’t stop my child from having any friends on xbox live because of it. I think really instilling the idea that you shouldn’t meet up in person with someone you met on the internet is needed. Also, telling your parents if anyone suspicious does add you or suggest meeting up.

  • Goes to show, stick to your own friends that you know, on LIVE/PSN. Who knows, the person you are gaming with could be a sicko, and no one in their right mind wants to asociate with such people.

  • “My children aren’t even going to know the internet exists until they’re old enough to own guns.”

    Yes, because giving your child firearms is so much safer than letting them use the internet.

    • I’ve used firearms since I was 7 years old, when you’re taught how to use them they are not a safty issue.

      I’m willing to bet that far more children get abducted/abused due to internet soliciting than children get harmed/killed by firearms in the entirety of the the USA or Australia for that matter.

      • Maybe because it’s a lot easier to access the internet than firearms in the USA and we don’t have the fanatical gun culture parts of the US do?

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