The Disgaea 4 Premium Package Totally Gives A Fuka

The Disgaea 4 Premium Package Totally Gives A Fuka

Players willing to spend the hundreds of hours it takes to fully experience a Disgaea title deserve a little extra, and NIS brings that something extra this September with the Premium Edition of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten for the PlayStation 3.

I’m slowly collecting a stack of oddly sized PlayStation 3 boxes, and it’s all thanks to NIS America. Games like Atelier Rorona, Hyperdimension Neptunia and Ar Tonelico 3 have each arrived at game stores in oversized premium packaging, and now Disgaea 4 follows suit.

Along with the requisite softcover art book, filled with character profiles, story info and concept art, the Disgaea 4 Premium Edition includes a figurine of Fuka, one of the game’s prinny-headed new characters.

I like Disgaea. I like art books. I definitely like anime figures. Looks like this is the package for me, unless NIS America offers an exclusive special edition in their online store that comes with a bonus soundtrack disc and nine exclusive Disgaea 4 characters.

Oh would you look at that.

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