Introduce Your Virtual Girlfriend To Mum And Dad

If going on a Love Plus holiday tour wasn't embarrassing enough, there's this: the upcoming 3DS version of the popular love simulator features a "girlfriend introduction" mode.

According to game magazine Famitsu, in this mode, players can introduce their virtual girlfriend to family and friends. Thanks to the 3DS's camera, she can "remember" the people she meets (their names, too) and engage in small talk, such as discussing blood types.

Other new features include the ability to have your virtual Love Plus girlfriend befriend other players' Love Plus girlfriends and exchange in-game emails.

You can also watch your virtual girlfriend walk or ride her bicycle to school. The game has weather features, so there might even be rain.

As previously mentioned, the upcoming Love Plus for the 3DS, called Project Love Plus, also features a facial recognition "boyfriend lock" mode. Because only boyfriends get to introduce their virtual girlfriend to friends and family.

Top photo: ファミ通


    small talk like discussing blood type??

    "So how is it going with that situation in your veins?"

    "O dear, still , I hope next month is better for you"

      Blood type is a big thing in Japan - they belive your personality can be determined by it.

      It's very similar to 'star signs' in the western world.

    I just recently watched an anime called Welcome to the NHK and this immediately reminded me of that. lol

    Yes, my wife often randomly discusses blood types when I introduce her via camera to strangers or family

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