Is This Game Bundle Worth $500?

Is This Game Bundle Worth $500?

2nd Super Robot Wars OG is coming to the PS3. To mark the game’s release, there is a bundle—a very pricey bundle.

The bundle comes with a copy of the game, a four-disc Blu-ray set of the Super Robot Wars OG: Inspector television anime, a Super Robot Wars OG: Inspector booklet and special packaging illustrated by Risa Ebata.

All of this priced at ¥41790 (US$512). For that price, I'd expect this bundle to make me a sandwich and massage my feet. Pretty sure it can't. At least, I think it can't.

プレイステーション3で『スパロボ』が登場!!『第2次スーパーロボット大戦OG』 [ファミ通.com]


  • Anime is pretty expensive in japan from what I heard. That is the reason it costs that much. Sad thing games like these never come to the West >_<.

    • Not just anime, all media is. There are bizarro laws or agreements or something that require things to be priced at certain way, you can actually get in trouble for discounting. So all new music albums are ~3000yen ($30+), DVDs are $40+, BRs are $50+, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Anywhere else in the world it’d be called “price fixing”, in Japan it’s called “protecting the industry” or some crap. No wonder sales are a tiny fraction what they used to be a decade ago…

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