L.A. Noire Looks Quite Nice In Its Official Black & White Mode

I wanted L.A. Noire to be in black and white. It seemed fitting, given the 1947 noir feel its creators were going. I even sapped the color out of one L.A. Noire trailer's last year to see what it would look like. I don't have to wonder any more.

Here's a look at the game's Black & White mode. Who out there is playing with it turned on?


    I will be when I get my hands on a copy of it. Looking forward to it too

      I had a quick play with it last night.

      But the game tells you doors with golden handles are able to be opened. With Black & White how can you tell?

      I'm hoping it changes the relevant hint to "doors with a specific grey shade of handle can be opened"

        I suspect that the gold ones are still brighter than the grey ones but it is a good point.

    I knew it was an option, and started playing it that way.
    When I switched it over to colour, man was it vibrant.

    I tried it and it definitely captures the classic film noir look. Just a little touch, but I'm so glad they put it in! (as well as that fantastic easter egg referring to The Big Sleep, and hopefully more I'm yet to discover...)
    I'm going to play through in colour first, then go for a black & white run.

      Yeah, I plan to replay missions in black in white too.

      Its weird... I'm not a completist, and I generally lose interest in a game once I've completed the story line, and side stories, but after that first mission as a detective, I'm already very keen to go back and get ALL the questions and clues.

    I tried black and white for a bit last night but I didn't feel like it matched the sharpness of the picture. It's a nice touch but it'd be cool if they added like a soft bloomy focus to it as well, maybe some film grain. I'm being fussy.

      You may be fussy, but you're also very much on the right track.

    Looks like they removed most/all of the post-processing and just went for luminance shaders to me. I am disappoint.

    Looks washed out to be honest. An interesting gimmick, but a gimmick nonetheless. 40s/50s LA was was obviously coloured (the technicolor years).

    The black/white trope is just a vestige from period films that was purely due to the limitations of film-making.

    All the James Ellroy adaptations have come out in colour and it doesn't cheapen the setting at all.

    There's something about playing it in black and white that gives it a very unique and original vibe, and very cinematic... I'm actually really enjoying it in this mode.

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