Let's Check Out The Resident Evil Restaurant

To mark Resident Evil's 15th anniversary, Capcom turned Tokyo airsoft gun shooting bar EA into a S.T.A.R.S.. It's kind of pricey!

The bar is decked out in elaborate Resident Evil style. The guns are cool, the crows a nice touch, but those zombie wall stickers are mood killers. Ditto for the expensive eats.

Besides the array of mixed drinks, rice porridge is ¥1,000 ($12), a meat pie is ¥800 ($9.86), a small salad is ¥800 ($9.86), fried chicken is ¥1,200 ($14.70), and tofu is ¥650 ($8).

Tokyo might be expensive, but these prices are high enough for Japanese netizens to balk at them. Twelve bucks for rice porridge. Really?

カプコン、「シューティングバー EA」×「バイオハザード」プレス向け内覧会を開催。お酒・食事・シューティングと「バイオ」が織り成す心地よいエンタメ空間 [Game Watch]


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