She's Bayonetta, Brought To Life

As far as short nicknames go, hers must be on of the shortest. Going by the frisky sounding "H", this cosplayer focuses her attention primarily on one thing: games made in Osaka.

Her cosplaying efforts breathe life into characters appearing in titles from Platinum Games, such as the titular Bayonetta, and also characters from Capcom games like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

But for all her cosplays, Bayonetta is the standout. She effortlessly wears Bayonetta's skin tight threads and stilettos. Those scribbles on her shoulders are signatures of the game's designers. Talk about a seal of approval.

BAYONETTA and Capcom [だらんぶろぐ]


    Sorry, 5 foot nothing cosplayer :(

      Are you honestly disregarding the entire costume because she not inhumanly tall like bayonetta?! That is one well done outfit & one hell of a smoking figure. nice ass :) Good Job!

    Wow great cosplay! I've seen alot of Bayonetta girls but she's definitely the best I've ever seen. What a magnificent figure she has. Who cares if she isn't tall like Bayonetta that cosplay is hot! Thanks Kotaku for making my day awesome :)

    Very nice. Costume I mean.

    ...and ass.

    Damn, she's incredible!

    You can dig those heels into my back any time!

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