Sony Reconfirms NGP's 2011 Release, Still Aiming To Get PSN Back In Japan

According to Phile-web, Sony stated the NGP will still be out in 2011. What's more, Sony is hoping to get the PSN back in Japan in the next several days; the PSN's been blocked by the government. [Phile-web via オレ的ゲーム情報]


    The downtime for the Japanese service is also affecting HK accounts!

    ...for Australia?

    My last PSP was imported from Japan when it was released and I did some fancy stuff to make it English.

    Might do that again this time, obviously depending on the price though. Still not gonna spend 600$ on a handheld.

      All you need to do is set the language at the set up screen. What's so fancy about that?

      Note: My PSP phat was from Japan too.

    I'll buy it day one. Hopefully day one is this year in Australia. If not, Maybe they will at least have a decent lineup of games (Go Wipeout NGP!!). Also, I hope they move FF type 0 to the NGP with better graphics.

    Your expecting the ngp to be region free? After the piracy on the psp I'd think not.

      Why not? The PS3 is region free and that lasted a good 3-4 years without any drama.

      Honestly, for me and ALOT of people I know, region free is actually big selling point.

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