Sony Won't Testify, But Is Cooperating With Requests For Answers

Sony Computer Entertainment of America today declined to testify at a Congressional hearing about the threat of data theft to American consumers, officials tell Kotaku.

"Sony declined to testify because their internal investigation is still ongoing," an official in Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack's office told Kotaku this morning.

Congresswoman Mack and Congressman G. K. Butterfield wrote a letter to Sony Computer Entertainment of America, addressed to Kazuo Hirai, on April 29, several days after Sony detailed the breach of their Playstation Network by hackers.

In the letter the two asked Hirai to answer a number of questions for the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade about the breach by May 6. That deadline was moved to today after Sony declined to testify at the hearing.

Reached for comment this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesman Patrick Seybold said that Sony is cooperating with the committee.

"Sony is cooperating with the request for answers to the Committee's questions, and in fact will be providing our responses in advance of the deadline," he wrote in an email to Kotaku. "We informed the committee that we could not appear as early as this Wednesday because of our ongoing intensive investigation and management of this criminal cyberattack."


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