Yes, This Is Actually LittleBigPlanet 2

More than four million levels have been created by the LittleBigPlanet 2 community, but few-if any-are like this: A first-person shooter apparently set inside a mecha suit.

I seriously have no idea how this was built. But the creator says it is just "a cinematic game play trailer for an upcoming project." So, bigger things are in store.

LBP2 - Massive Epic Raging Destruction [YouTube; thanks to all who tipped this]


    Are you effing kidding me! This looks fantastic!

    Mind = Blown

    ... wow

    I am speechless. It is for reasons like this I bought this game. I probably haven't touched it in months since finishing it, but give the community some time and they will make some truly awesome stuff.

    it defies the laws of LBP, i can't see how he made it, not to mention make it look like there's multiple ground levels, but its quite stunning...i must find out how

    ITS LBP2 you can't do this on one. The level of customization of 2 is incredible! @[email protected] looks mind blowing !!!

    At first it looks like some crappy indie game, then you realise its LBL2, OMGWTF.

    Looking amazing. The camera angle was annoying though it was pointed down or something. The limited view thing would ruin it for me.

    Not bad for a LBP2 mod, if that's indeed what it is. Not impressed at all when compared to full release games, and even other indie titles.

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