2011 Is All About The Gun Barrels

Website Cracked ran the same joke last year, but this year, it's even funnier. Or, depending on your point of view, sadder.

Is it wrong to predict that there'll be at least one major award this year for "best iron sights"? And that it won't be a joke award?


    bc2 has really bad iron sights...

      The only gun with bad irons IMO is the MG3 cause an upside down trianlge is not a sight. (Dont use red dots and cant aim with triangles)

    Well obviously. That's like saying
    "hurr durr all forests are dur same becuz dey all haz treez lulz!"

    Yep... kinda comes with the whole "first person" thing. Guns generally have sights.

    I fail to see the joke. I get what they're saying but I don't get it as a joke.

    Is it because there is ADS in all FPS games? If so, that's like taking screenshots of a bunch of RTS games and saying 'We hope you like selecting multiple units!' or getting a bunch of DS games and saying "We hope you like using a stylus!"

      The whole Holographic/Red-Dot Sight trend started with MW. It wasn't quite as prominent before, and now seemingly every FPS has one. Even the completely fictional Sci-Fi shooters now have remarkably similar sights to real-world weapons.

      That and edge-of-screen blood splatter for HP damage.

      Exactly what I thought.
      "2011 is all about steering wheels"
      "2011 is all about the back of protagonists"
      "2011 is all about pixels"
      "2011 is all about player input"

      I think you fail to see the point that not all FPS games need to have iron sights like what are showed.
      Take fallout 3 for example, I think it's weapon sight system worked rather well, never once did I feel it could do with an improvement.
      And the release of Fallout: New Vegas with it's iron sights just proves my point, the scoping system on New Vegas was poor and an unnecessary addition to an already good game.
      Iron sights don't match all games.

        Whether it be with iron sights, holo or red dot that's how shooting a gun works, you tend to aim with them before pulling the trigger.

        As for Fallout 3, since iron sight mods became really popular I'd say quite a few people think it was necessary to have.

      Dont forget, there was a time when no shooters had ADS, and were instead (usually) based around puzzles and/or stories

    the barrel in Far Cry 3 is pretty close

      By the look of it, the guy has the gun lodged half way up his nose.

    Can't yous see that your just justifying the overwhelming appearance of first person shooters in console gaming nowadays by saying, "der of course it has iron sights XD". You're missing the point. There is so many better models we could use but we limit ourselves with first person. I wouldn't mind if all these games were as brilliant was say, BIOSHOCK (story & gameplay wise)!


    I've long hated the idea of aiming down the sight in all modern fps'. It's a game mechanic that's just not fun as essentially all it is is a button you just *have* to press before you can shoot if you want to hit something. Half-Life has the right idea, as do most shooters before the first CoD and all the other games of the same era. I like seeing the gun as I shoot it, and if realism has to be suspended to make it happen I figure I'm in the right environment: a freakin' game.

    Gun sights are a neccessary staple in gaming no? What do they expect, press right click to magically increase accuracy without changing perspective? Maybe we should go back to the days of CS where there were no gun sights and you could pull immediate headshots just by twitching in the right direction....no thanks.

    I get it... It's because every second game these days is a bloody FPS!!!

    I wouldn't say that is the same as RTS selecting units or anything, considering that FPS games only started having sights recently, hence the joke.

    Doesn't anyone remember Doom or Quake or Duke or more recent titles like Painkiller and Serious Sam?

    you should mention the rest of the article.... it actually brings up a LOT of really interesting [and disturbing] points of the state of the gaming industry.

      agreed. and the people knocking the picture should maybe read it too

    Who cares guns have sights get over it! Just reaffirming you there mattroe

    Yeah, you really need to read the whole article, especially the MW3-Crysis 2 comparison.

    Well if I am playing an fps then I expect to be able to look down the sight for better accuracy. I don't care what game created the trend but it just makes sense. You wanna be more accurate? You use the thing on your gun that is designed to make that happen!

    Read the article guys, it makes sense then.

    I'd read the main article, but my work's filtered Cracked as 'tasteless' :(

      You're not missing much, it's a Cracked opinion piece. They're always bland and full of stating-the-damn-obvious. This is one of the worst I've seen actually. Half the remarks in the article are either taking things completely out of context or making shit up on the spot.

    I first saw this some time last year when I was playing whatever game it is that has the Nazi Zombies. I don't understand why it's even there, to me it just makes it feel awkward and weird, that striaght-on look down the gun's barrel. Sure, that perspective made sense back in Doom and Wolfenstein. But here it just feels awkward, I'm not even sure why. I'm more than happy with the GoldenEye style of manual aiming.

    Realism vs. Fun.

    Any game that has this kind of zoom or scope mechanic is leaning towards the former in 90% of all cases (all of them).

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