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How long ago was E3? Until yesterday, it was the day after I last did a laundry. And that's a hell of a long time. I sat there in the laundromat with my 3DS, looking at the 134 people I met at E3. I've not had a StreetPass notice since.


Hopefully you are not on the edge of your seat waiting for the next Tomb Raider. Warning: even if you are an Olympic athlete, you should consider inhaling and exhaling a few times between now and the release of Mass Effect 3. Never mind their 2011 hype. They're next year's games.


Gameplay impressions are difficult to form under the lights, sights and cacophony of E3 in full swing, where you never have enough time to see all of what you want, and there's always an appointment five minutes from now. It's even more difficult to get a good read on a sports game.


This year, I came home from E3 with a Kinect Sports shirt, a Jurassic Park-inspired fake Barbasol shaving cream can to hide stuff and a Cooking Mama 4 oven mitt. Everything else I chucked, including my press pass and lanyard. Maybe I should have considered selling it on eBay.


In video games, death is anything but final. We've been playing games with some form of immortality or reincarnation for decades, whether that's gamesaves, extra men, whatever. NeverDead enforces the concept in gameplay itself. No matter what grisly mishap befalls your hero, he will not die.


They call it E3, which isn't that cool a name. Absurdly, you may have also heard, that E3 is Video Games, or what (some/most) of the big, rich companies in the gaming industry would have you believe is Video Games.


EA Sports president Peter Moore brushed off the suggestion that the PlayStation Network outage did particular damage to his label, which has in the past two years seen significant revenue growth through its downloadable content, especially in its popular Ultimate Team offerings.